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J E A N N E   R I C K E ​T T S

- n e w s -

T H E   A G E   O F   C E N S O R S H I P

"Today as ambassadors of freedom,

free-spirited artists still endure.

As we know, Light shines

even brighter in the dark."


Represented by ESPRONCEDA Institute of Art & Culture in Barcelona and known amongst pioneers in the cultural and luxury sector, which Jeanne Ricketts collaborates with as mixed media artist; it is in holistic ennobled innovation for brand recognition, via murals, poetry, large-scale mixed media design & conceptual art, that she visualised and pursued her own trace since the early 90s. "OceanSkies" became her media and ongoing transcendental theme, which later became her approach to metamorphosis & charisma, lacking in our times.

Living the best & worst beyond her Time, interdisciplinary experts have also recently discovered that Ricketts for decades dealt with the same challenges Michelangelo and the censored "Degenerated Art Scene" (Hitler's "Entartete Kunst") endured during the recurring regimes of our lifetimes, we are now, decades later tragically experiencing on a global scale.

"Never before has the family of human kind, had a greater need for the power of Art to generate calming connections across world systems.

Ricketts' visionary paintings link internal, emotional and cognitive systems with external cultural realities and explore new patterns for understanding nature and human nature." - 

Dr. Phillip Romero MD

Living in NYC, he is the founder of the Smart Peace Prize, a psychiatrist, an art-expert and author of "Phantom Stress” co-written by Joe La Placa, Director of Cardi Gallery London. Dr. Romero interviewed scientists and other spiritual established artists such as ANDY WARHOL, years later also Jeanne Ricketts at her chapel murals in Provence, in the pursuit of brain studies; building a theory on proving that "art = survival and how its spirit can bring resilience and peace at all times.”

J E A N N E   R I C K E T T S  -  OceanSkies

81,5 x 303cm - vynil acrylics & charcoal on canvas.


Inspired by Japanese Scientist

Emoto Masaru

"The Message of Waters

invites us to look within us"

Rousseau Island, Geneva, Sept 3rd 2019

Hosted by The Hôtel des Berges /Four Seasons

Ricketts by Geneva's Jet d'Eau

Photo    © E X C E L L E N C E   I N T E R N A T I O N A L   S . A .

THE COMMISSION FOR ETHIC RIGHTS & PEACE (AIAS, Paris) and the ARARAT INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES invited Jeanne Ricketts to Geneva in September 2016, to hold a conference on one of her projected “intuitive-series” in context with World-affairs and present her merged holistic family portrait entitled“Our Eldest Brother Iraq & Sister Syria”. —

At the occasion of the Centenary of the Armenian Genocide in September 2015, the same hosts awarded her for "Arts and World Culture" at UNESCO in Paris, for her compelling speech she held at their conference on "Genocide, Art and Peace”. Her words were illustrated by her intuitive drawing “And This Is Iraq”, which she dreamt about in 2008, pre-announcing an “upheaval coming from Africa”, later known as the “Arab Spring”. -

At the occasion of the Centenary of the Armenian Genocide in September 2015, the Ararat Academy of Sciences awarded Ricketts for "Arts and World Culture" at UNESCO in Paris, for her first conference held on her relic, “And this is Iraq” which she dreamt about in 2008, pre-announcing an “upheaval coming from Africa” later known as the “Arab Spring”. 

In honor of all victims of power abuse, “Human Wave At The Bus Stop” (2010) revealed the refugee-wave, her 2nd donation for the Agence Internationale pour la Paix in Paris, accompanied by her compelling speech on "Genocide, Art and Peace”. —

Projection of Jeanne Ricketts' short-film TRAPPED IN FREEDOM onto one of for her earliest murals painted in the vault of St. Louis' Chapel, built in 1646 in the hamlet of La Doire de Séranon, off the famous "Route Napoléon" in Provence, (F). "Heavenly Kingdom, Earthly Kingdom" is the title she gave to her 5x7,70m mural she painted during six months of hermitage in multiple layers of shades of inks, providing the viewer with a sensation of swaying between two parallel realms. The inaugural media coverage of this masterpiece triggered over 60 murals and ca.150 small to large scale art pieces, partially commissioned across Europe, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, the Middle East and the USA.


( LA HAIE DU RENOUVEAU ) - a 12m street art palisade created at Romy Schneider's "villa Solitude", in Cap d'Ail, South of France, where Ricketts had the greatest privilege to be invited to re-vibe it for a year.


4 Natures United 4 Life.

" Representations of visual analogies of the soul's "inscapes", which may be perceived as the celebration of any shape alive, united into a hedge of protection against self destruction.

With Korean artist YOUN at a Picasso show, 2013 and few years later.

S U R R E N D E R - Poster - May 17th 2012, Live performance, St Charles, Monte Carlo.

A series of unique limited editions of the triptych and previous of her chapel works were sold that day. All proceeds supported the current building costs of the Academy de Sales Orphanage in Bangalore, India.

( Left to right ) Ricketts with gallerists Cristina Grasso (GAM Gallery),  +Marco Bianco (InCamera)   &   with Shahyar Amini (Aminiart)  

Ricketts stamp made in collaboration with the director of the stamp office. Censored by franco-monegasque technocrats who blacklisted Ricketts' since 2002